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A True Business Partner

by Michael B on Dec 9, 2019

I helped open and manage a small restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. Vested Interest Advisors was there to guide me every step of the way. Nick not only took care of the financial side of the business, but he also offered sage advice on everything from process to store decor. Opening a new restaurant is a major challenge and many things can go wrong. However, with Nick in my corner, I felt like I could concentrate on my product and customers knowing that I had a partner to handle the business side of things. I would definitely recommend Nick's services whether you are just starting up or have been in business for a while. Definitely worth the investment! 


Highly Recommend!

by Jon R on Oct 20, 2019

We've had bookkeepers in the past none of which were as responsive and knowledgable as Vested Interest Advisors. As a former business owner himself, Nick not only has been helpful in our bookkeeping but has also been invaluable in answering specific questions about the operations of our business. He truly wants you and your business to succeed and goes above and beyond to help.


Cannot Recommend Highly Enough!

by Alan R on Nov 21, 2019

I cannot overstate what an invaluable and incredible resource Nick with Vested Interest Advisors has been for our small business. His own personal successes and experiences in business make him an absolutely essential resource who was able to both understand and help us meet our complex goals. He was able to see potential pitfalls and help us navigate those efficiently and effectively. The way Nick engages and cares about our success makes him much more like a partner than just a consultant. I can not recommend him highly enough! 

what is your strategy?


  • Do you own a growing business with great sales but never have any cash?...... Where is all your money going? 
  • Do you have a great business but find yourself so tightly tied to working in it that you never get a break?.... Will chaos break loose or employees slack off if you leave for more than a day or two? 
  • Has your accountant/bookkeeper owned a business other than their current firm?.... Do they have knowledge of and understand your industry? 
  • Do you have a trusted set of financials and historical records of performance to project what the future can be for the company?  

Vested Interest Advisors can help! We help businesses realize their untapped potential using key financial measurements and strategies. Working with Vested Interest Advisors allows you to optimize your business potential more quickly than through traditional models. The truth is, as a business owner your focus and passion should be around your product, the customer experience, and growing your business!......... Let us manage your financials, take the stress from you, give you a clear picture of the health of your business, and provide the advice you need for growing your business.  


Our Services


  • Bookkeeping: Cleanup and get your books caught up, manage daily business transactions, monthly ongoing bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Payroll: Management of payroll and taxes
  • Payables & Receivables: Management of supplier and customer invoices
  •  Reporting: Monthly streamlined Financial Statements - Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows 


  • Analyze - Uncover intelligent insights, measure key performance indicators, make sense of the numbers. Is your money working for you?
  • Interpret - Use financial data to understand the health of your business, cash flow, and forecast out for future growth, allowing you to make informed decisions
  • Advise - Profit Strategy meetings with financial dashboards. Planning and advice to support the growth of your business

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